Hiram Crawford


First Marriage

Anna McNeil

Married:  Beechworth 9th February 1855

Born: Oakham Ma. United States - 22nd July 1832

Born:  Isle of Skye  c. May 1837

Died:  Elsternwick Vic. - 14th January 1916

Died:  Beechworth - 30 March 1862

Father: Galen Allen Crawford   

Father:  Norman McNeil

Mother: Alvira Noyes

Mother:  Anne McLean


 Martha Anna Crawford      
   Emma Crawford

Second Marriage

    Martha Alamanzas Foster

Married: Keene New Hampshire United States 8th December 1862


Born:   Warwick Ma. USA 27th December 1841


Died:  Elsternwick Vic 15th October 1911


Father: Frances Foster


Mother: Susan Willis Packard


HIram Allen Crawford Jnr     
Gertrude Maria Crawford
Susan Maud Crawford
Walter Carleton Crawford

Hiram arrived in Australia at the age of 21 in August 1853.  He mined for short time at Back Creek Bendigo, then went to the Ovens where he sought gold in Spring Creek, Buckland and 3 Mile.   After moving to Albury for 18 months he married Anna, moved to Woolshed and was here for two years mining gold.  After discovering his fortune he formed Crawford and Co. Coaching Lines in Beechworth in late 1856.   It was this company which became the longest surviving coaching business in the State of Victoria.  Hiram and Anna had two daughters. Anna died in March 1862 and in May Hiram left fromMelbourne to return to the United States on a visit.  Hiram married  Martha Foster during this visit and returned to Australia in March 1863. 

With his coach line established, and leaving it under management, he moved around the north east of Victoria establishing and building shops and the Star Hotel and Theatre in Chiltern in 1866.   In 1869 he moved to Melbourne for a few years in which time he built the Eastern Arcade in Bourke Street.   In 1876 the family returned to Beechworth for a few years eventually moving to Everton where Hiram grew hops, tobacco, fruit trees and established the largest lemon orchard  at that time in Australia.

Hiram spent a considerable amount of his time helping to develop the North East of the State not only in his private endeavours but as a public figure.  Among his many achievements a few are listed -

Councillor, Mayor of Chiltern and Beechworth, President of the Shire on two occasions, Director of many mining companies,  Inaugural Chairman  and Director of the Beechworth Gas Company roles he held for over 20 years, Foundation member of Beechworth Pottery, Committee member of the Beechworth Hospital, Captain/Superintendent of the Vol. Fire Brigade for over 20 years, Foundation, Life member of  and on the State Fire Brigade Board for many years, President of the North Eastern Railway League in Chiltern

On a personal level Hiram was involved in lodges including St. Johns #14, Beechworth. and had several grazing properties in the Ovens area.   He had the Forest Park Hotel at Carboor, the Creamery at Carboor, and grazing land on which the Milawa Creamery was built during his ownership.  He was a committee member for 3 committees duirng the 1888 International Exhibition in Melbourne.   Hiram had many voyages around the world studying irrigation, hop growing, tobacco growing and drying.  During his retirement in Melbourne Hiram purchased many properties in the Elsternwick area and acted as an Estate Agent.

After the death of his second wife Martha, Hiram married for the third time in 1912 to Sophia Maude Heatley.

Crawford and Co continued until 1933.


Hiram Allen Crawford's great grand-daughter  Denise Marriott-McMahon